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They say that if you want to get to know a people, you must learn their language. We don't recommend learning Malayalam, the local language, on your holiday unless you have a long, long time to spend! However the next best way to get a real feel for the place is to travel the Indian way. And that means about the most varied holiday you can imagine. Never a dull moment! That's our promise.


Want contemporary comfort? Then it's the backseat of a roomy Ambassador taxi car for you. It's the classic Indian taxi with something of the appearance of a very large white bug, hugely spacious, strong and safe with a driver who will even carry your shopping and treat you like a maharaja from start to finish.

The famous Indian Railway, one of the first most effective rail networks in the world, is an experience not to be missed. Fancy a romantic puff-puff on a steam train to a hill station? It doesn't move at supersonic speed but you'll have a chance to enjoy the spectacular scenery, coffee and tea plantations and magnificent hills with unusual flora and fauna. All aboard here!

Or take the Rajdani Express train and enjoy the constant attention of the chai-wallahs who parade up and down the corridor wearing smiles and serving you sweet milky tea while you luxuriate in an air-conditioned carriage. But we must do the booking for you. The Indian Railway timetable is tougher to handle than Astro-Physics. You can have General Compartment which you don't want. Or 2nd Class Chair or 2nd Class Sleeper, 2nd Class AC Chair or maybe Sleeper ……..zzzzzzzz

The three-wheeled auto rickshaw gives you natural air-conditioning. There are no doors! That same factor also gives you a constant shot of adrenalin. But you'll be glad of its daintiness in thick city traffic because its turning circle is so small that its wheel can cut a 180 degree angle. A further bonus is the chit-chat in English of its cheerful drivers who generally act as unofficial agents for anything from best Indian saris to mangoes.

Then sit amongst the crowd of friendly faces on a typical Indian bus, but please don't go for a back seat. It's bumpy. And please don't go for a front seat. The constant honking of the horn will drive you demented. That is, if you can hear it over the Hindi music that continues day and night. However this experience is a MUST HAVE but we think a shorter one rather than the long-haul will suffice.


Tour at a Glance:

  • Day 1:  Cochin. At leisure

  • Day 2: private taxi to boat jetty. Ferry to historic Fort Cochin. Sightseeing.

  • Day 3: Alleppey. Heritage House. Elephant ride.

  • Day 4: Rickshaw to Houseboat. Overnight cruise.

  • Day 5: Kumarakom. Stay in traditional-style houses. Punt down the river.

  • Day 6: Oil bath. Ayurvedic massage. At leisure.

  • Day 7: Train to Trissur. Temples. Museum

  • Day 8: Trip To Great Elephant House, 40 elephants. Then at leisure.

  • Day 9: Bullock cart! Trip to local families, toddy-drinking

  • Day 10:  Sun tanning and shopping

  • Day 11:  Shopping and sun tanning.

  • Day 12:  Transfer to airport.

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