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Cosmetic Medicare holidays

India is world famous for its top quality medical teams, some of whom you will find in your local western hospital. Here in India you can have the same standard of care at roughly one tenth or less of the cost in the west. We recommend Cosmetic Dental Care and Laser Procedure for Vision Correction only and we suggest two particular locations only. This is for a simple but important reason. Our director, Bibi Baskin, was personally treated in both surgeries mentioned below.

Therefore we recommend only these because we know you will want the consolation of first-hand experience, when having medicare in an unfamiliar foreign country. Incidentally, Bibi had her treatments BEFORE this web site was created and she paid the full whack!

Why You Should come to India for a Health Holiday?

Indian medical staff are famous all over the world for their skill and dedication Both doctors recommended by us have vast experience in the west The cost is about one tenth of western prices You can combine it with an exotic holiday in India The cost of your treatment AND your holiday in a tropical climate will be LESS than similar Medicare in the west You will have a personal 'carer' in a fellow westerner who understands your concerns and who has been treated herself by both doctors recommended by us.

Who is Dr Biju ?

Dr Biju BDS, FFDRCS is an Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgeon and Implantologist. He has studied and worked in: Cambridge University Hospital, UK, Gloucester Royal Hospital UK, Trinity College Hospital Dublin, Ireland and now operates a speciality dental centre in Kerala, constructed to western standards with state-of-the-art imported western equipment He specialises in canio facial trauma and emergency dental care but his practice also includes the simpler aspects of dentistry, the type you might like to include on a holiday from teeth whitening, porcelain veneers to dental implantation, the modern and most natural method of replacing lost teeth. And by the way, while under his care he is 24 hours on call.

Dr Biju offers:

  • Teeth whitening :  in the chair for ten minutes, a bleaching tray is delivered to your hotel two hours later and the rest of the procedure can be done by you in your hotel. Go back home with a fabulous tan and new-look white teeth.

  • Porcelain veneers : suitable for badly discoloured teeth, chair time 45 minutes per tooth

  • Crowns & bridges :  two visits necessary, 30 minutes per tooth each time

  • Root canal fillings : three sittings of 15' each or one longer single chair sitting time necessary

  • Tooth Coloured Fillings : chair time 7 minutes

  • Gum Disease Treatment :  chair time depending on severity of disease

  • Implants : for more details contact us

  • Gum Shields for Sportspeople : chair time five minutes; ready next day

Tour at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Quiet day of luxury at a hotel.

  • Day 2:  Diagnosis at dental centre in the morning. Lunch in an island hotel. Browsing around Fort Cochin.

  • Day 3:  Dental treatment in the morning. Rest of day at leisure or sightseeing.

  • Day 4:   Taxi to Alleppey. Board a houseboat.

  • Day 5:   Disembark and shop in Alleppey.

  • Day 6:  Sun tanning on beach. Stay in Heritage Home at the beach.

  • Day 7:  Forest retreat. Wildlife safari. Tribal families.

  • Day 8:   Herbal garden, temples. Back to Cochin.

  • Day 9:   Dental centre for check-up. Afterwards at leisure.

  • Day 10:   Transfer to airport.

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