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What's your idea of a truly romantic holiday or honeymoon? Does it include words like a deluxe villa with its own private swimming pool yet with top-class hotel facilities? What about a romantic overnight cruise along lush tropical waters in a private traditional riceboat? A sunrise or a sunset in a sacred spot where the oceans meet? Strolls on deserted virgin white beaches? Dinner on a rooftop under the full moon?

It sounds like it's a honeymoon for only the truly rich. But it's not. We can make all of these available to you at an affordable price. AND they all take place in what has been described as "one of the ten love nests in India." (Cosmopolitan Magazine) in a location which is known as 'One of the 50 must see destinations of a lifetime (National Geographic Traveller). Add to that: scented oil baths, jasmine-scented pillows, orchid gardens, lotus ponds and the sound of silence. And there's much more.

Tour at a glance:

  • Day 1 :  5-star hotel on a tropical island.

  • Day 2:  Scented oil bath, Ayurvedic massage, swimming pool, room service and privacy

  • Day 3:  Private taxi to a Heritage Home at a beautiful white beach. Shopping for gold. Dinner under the stars.

  • Day 4:   Private Houseboat cruise on palm-fringed lakes.

  • Day 5:   Villa with private swimming pool on another island resort amidst coconut groves

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  • Day 6 :  scented oil baths, Indian head massage and general sensual pampering

  • Day 7:  Clifftop Heritage hotel near capital city. Private swimming pool if desired.

  • Day 8:  Trip to Land's End of India. Sacred waters for lifelong promises. Sunset and Moonset.

  • Day 9:   Shopping for silk, gems anShopping for silk, gems and jasmine.

  • Day 10: Transfer to airport

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