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Eye care holiday

Ever wished you could go back in time to those days before you used glasses or contact lenses? Fancy being able to swim underwater without the lens moving across your eye? No more conjunctivitis! Just imagine! You CAN have your vision corrected, even if your glasses were like the bottoms of Coke bottles! All for about one tenth of less than the cost of the procedure in Europe. With these huge savings you can have an exotic Oriental holiday too and still have money left over!

What laser procedure can do for you?

It can correct from -1.00 to -25.00 dropters and from +1.00 to +8.00 dropters and up to 8.00 droppers of astigmatism.

How long does it take?

About 5 minutes per eye.

How much preparation time?

Leave soft lenses out for one week beforehand. Wash your eyelids thoroughly for four days before treatment Have a one-hour thorough eye examination the day before surgery in the hospital

How long does it take to recover?

The eyes will run and be reddish for about one hour after the procedure. You can resume your holiday the next morning. BUT you must avoid splashing water in your eyes for a week afterwards. Therefore no swimming and careful showering are a must.

Who will perform the surgery?

One of a team of specialist doctors with training in eye procedures in US, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Do I have to stay in hospital?

No, we put you up in a luxury hotel.

Is it actual surgery?

No surgery. No injection. Only anaesthetic eye drops applied to the eye.

How long will the correction last?

It's a once-in-a-lifetime procedure.

How safe is the technology?

It's state-of-the-art Lasik technology from USA, used to correct vision successfully in over five million people in America alone.

How does it work?

The cornea is re-shaped with a cold laser.

Eye care holidays:

  • Day 1: Arrive Cochin. Heritage Hotel in historic Fort Cochin. Stroll along street. Live traditional dance show. Beach restaurant..

  • Day 2:  Island hopping and visit to busy part of city for the 'real' Indian life.

  • Day 3:  Private taxi to Houseboat on backwaters.

  • Day 4:   Backwater resort. Ayurvedic massage.

  • Day 5:   Taxi to Cochin. Traditional lunch. Travel by famous Indian Railways to Coimbatore.

  • Day 6:  Examination at eye centre. Stroll around Botanical Gardens and Rose garden. Museum

  • Day 7:  Private one-to-one Yoga lesson. Laser treatment in afternoon.

  • Day 8:   See the rising sun with new eyes! Check-up at hospital. Then sightseeing.

  • Day 9:   Take narrow gauge steam railway to a cool hill station of Ooty.

  • Day 10:   Trekking around Ooty.

  • Day 11:   Breakfast in bed. Mukurti Peak.

  • Day 12:   Tour of tea plantations in Ooty. Return Coimbatore

  • Day 13:   Final check up in eye centre. Return Cochin. Shopping

  • Day 14:   Transfer to airport

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