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Business Holidays

'Famous' Clients

If your main requirements on holiday or for business are security, privacy, secrecy and a general low-profile treatment, we are very sensitive to your needs. Let us hide you away with ultimate comfort and secrecy on an island, in a private houseboat with several rooms, a deluxe villa with private swimming pool or an entire Heritage Home/Boutiqe Hotel.

Services for Famous Clients

  • anonymity from reliable staff
  • five-star comfort
  • chauffeur-driven car with English-speaking driver
  • all travel, accommodation and entertainment plans
  • personal full time travel assistant
  • private airplanes/helicopters within India


Media Crews

We have years of experience in dealing with western television, film and radio crews as well as newspaper & magazine journalists and photographers. We know well what your requirements are. So we can offer you an efficient, punctual and hassle-free business trip Let us do the work on the ground for you. It will save your budget a fortune.

Services for Media

  • Our Director, Bibi Baskin, is an experienced television, radio, newspaper and magazine presenter/ reporter/ journalist/ writer. She will be your Girl Friday in India!
  • We can also provide skilled researchers, news gatherers and technicians
  • Translators for English, Japanese, French, Italian, German etc….
  • A Personal Assistant who will understand your media needs
  • Local contacts that might take you many frustrating months to access
  • Advice on the perfect local shoot
  • Organising cultural events
  • Hiring of technical equipment locally
  • Advise on timetabling your project
  • Arranging travel
  • Booking accommodation
  • Advise on visas
  • Legal back-up should you mistakenly upset the local way of life


We can arrange for your conference, regardless of size, in a variety of beautiful, quiet locations eg. island resorts, Heritage Hotels with half-day sight-seeing trips for your clients and suitable evening entertainment. Let us take the responsibility. Make us your man-on-the-ground in India.

Services for Conferences & Seminars

  • conference halls with state-of-the-art technology

  • small groups or large numbers catered for

  • transfer to and from the airport

  • personal assistants, secretaries and translators available

  • e-mail, fax, mobile phones and landlines.

  • Visa and immigration advice

We know the expense involved in Business Trips. We know how important their success is to the Company. Let us provide you with the perfect setting for a productive, enjoyable and the most successful business trip so far in your career.




Product Launches

Launch your new product with our help in some of the most photogenic locations in the world. Outdoors there's the outstanding beauty of one of the '50 must see designations of a lifetime" - imagine the backdrop of island resorts, hill stations, eternal stretches of pure white sand, swaying palms, scenic backwaters. Plus the added bonus of the natural Malayalee charm of local 'extras' for the shoot. Indoors, we have exquisite traditional ambiences, from thatched coconut huts to heritage homes and palaces with traditional Kerala decoration and design.

Services for Product Launches

  • experienced media personnel on the ground with first-hand experience of your business
  • technical equipment for hire locally
  • perfect locations
  • access to local media coverage
  • travel and accommodation
  • personal assistants, secretaries available
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