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Ayurvedic Holiday

As you sit and read this in a place where so many people have demands on your time, it may be dificult to fully realise the relaxing, rejuvenating powers of Kerala's ancient science of life, Ayurveda. If you come on an Ayurvedic holiday, you WILL believe it. 

Just imagine the powerful effect of daily massage on your body, the smooth silky skin after regular oil baths, the lack of mental tension after the special Ayurvedic Head massage, the shedding of unwanted pounds after the slimming massage. And those are just some of the classic Ayurvedic treatments available to you. If your health is in a more serious condition Ayurveda has been known to cure Osteo-arthritis, Bronchial asthma, Gastric problems as well as increase the natural flow of energy in the body to increase vitality, thus helping to prevent disease in the future. The history of Ayurveda goes back to 600 B.C. but today Kerala is the only state in India which practises it with absolute dedication. Here the equable climate and the natural vegetation, home to countless medical plants, herbs and trees as well as the most professional practitioners in the world give Kerala the right to refer to itself as the best place on the planet for Ayurvedic treatments. 

Typical of Eastern philosophical thought, Ayurveda does not isolate the physical from the mental and spiritual. Our team will not just treat the tension in your shoulder. They will help you get rid of the mental as well as physical tension that put it there in the first place. Ayruveda is a holistic form of medicine. That means it treats you as a whole - body, mind and spirit. That's why we can justifiably say an Ayurvedic Tour with us is truly a gift to your body, mind and spirit.

Ayurvedic Holiday Packages

Rejuvenation Therapy 14 days

Body Purification Therapy 15 days

Body Immunisation/Longevity Treatment 28 days

Slimming Program 28 days

Beauty Care Program 10 days

Udvarthanam 14 days

Rejuvenation Massage 1 time

General Massage 1 time

Slip Disk . Part II – Arthritis 14 days

Pizhichil- 14 days

Navarakizhi- 14 days


Face Pack 10 days

Medicated Bath For Skin

Merudanada Mardana 

(Spinal Cord Massage)

Meditation and Yoga

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