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Oachira has been famous for long as one of the sacred places of Kerala. Historically too, this place is very famous, for, it was on the plains of Oachira that the much famed battle in the history of Travancore, the battle of Kayamkulam was fought between Marthandavarma the Maharaja of Travancore and the Raja of Kayamkulam. In commemoration of this historic battle 'Oachirakkali' is conducted on the first and second of Midhunam (June-July) every year. The Oachirakkali was one of the factors that brought fame and glory to Oachira. On the first and second day of Midhunam (June-July) the young and the old, drawn from the two karas lying east and west of Oachira, and forming themselves into two groups, reach the 'Padanilam' and conduct the age-old fencing exercises under the leadership of the elder Kalari Asan. It is to perpetuate the memory of the great battle fought between the Maharaja Marthandavarma and the Raja of Kayamkulam that the Oachirakali is conducted with much eclat. Thus the Irupathettam Utsavam comes to an end with the Oachirakkali. A big cattle fair is also held as part of the above festival .

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